Thursday, March 31, 2011

you know you are a teacher when...

I love it!!!! 
I loved it when I did my student teaching and I still love it now!  So thankful for this year with my kinders!

You Know You Teach Kindergarten When.....
  • Dr. Jean songs are constantly stuck in your head!
  • You do whatever it takes for your students to love school.  Even if it is dancing crazy, singing, and dressing up! 
  • You read stories with so much emotion and come up with voices you never knew you could do.
  • You get kid meals at Chick-fil-a and pass up the ice cream to have free prizes for your treasure box.
  • You can always find stuff at Target's dollar spot to use in your classroom.
  • You buy things and think about what letter it starts so you can incorporate it into part of a lesson or theme.
  • Your students treat your drawings like they are masterpieces!
  • You get 200,000 hugs a day!
  • You have run out of room for your book collection, but continue to buy more!
  • You dream about your students.
  • You stay at school late, get to school early, and continue to think of ideas and work on school stuff at home.
  • Your students call you Mommy and Grandmommy and you don't worry about correcting them.
  • You consider yourself part doctor, hair stylist, and dentist!
  • You spell phonetically!
  • You enjoy going to your students' sports games on Saturday mornings.
  • Students can ALWAYS put a smile on your face.
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  1. My days/thoughts are also consumed with school stuff ALL. THE. TIME!!!


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