Monday, February 6, 2012

100th day of school!

Was it really the 100th day of school?  Was it really a full day of school?  I was so confused at the end of the day when I looked up and saw that it was 2:40 and we had not even packed up or cleaned up the classroom!  So sorry to my custodian!!!
We had a blast today celebrating the 100th day of school.  We dressed up like 100 year olds to celebrate the day in style!  I laughed so much at my teammates and all of the kinders at my school!  There was a lot of baby powder, gray beards, canes, and flannel!  I will be making this an annual thing!

I wrote down some fun things we could do 100 times.  I put each idea on a slip of paper inside a balloon, and throughout the day I had a student pop the balloon and we had to do what the paper said!  Some of the things we did were blinking our eyes 100 times, touching our toes 100 times, reading a book about the 100th day of school, counting to 100 by 5's, counting to 100 by 10's, being silent for 100 seconds, and the hardest one of all was doing 100 jumping jacks.  I did the jumping jacks with them...don't know what I was thinking - hard to tell whether I am a 100 year old teacher or 25 year old teacher!  It was fun to watch the students trying to pop the balloons and exciting to see what our next activity was. 

I also hid 100 Hersey kisses around the room.  I wrote the numbers 1-100 and throughout the day we found them.  Once a student found a kiss they matched the number on the bottom of the kiss to the number on our hundreds chart. 
We made a gumball machine with 100 gumballs.  It took FORRREVERRR!  When you are dealing with kindergartners and 100 of anything it is probably going to always take a long time.  Well this did, but they turned out so cute.  The complaining of cutting out all the circles was worth it! 

I had a lot of other fun things to do planned, but we ran out of time!  We might continue to celebrate the 100th day of school a few more days this week! 
I made this fun banner that everyone had to walk through to get in our classroom today.  I was surprised it held up as long as it did!

My favorite question every year on the 100th day of school is, "do we come to school tomorrow?"
For some reason the kinders always think it is the last day of school! 
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