Monday, October 24, 2011

cowboy boots

There was a lot of excitement last week in my classroom. We had been counting down the days until our pumpkin patch field trip for weeks! As the numbers got fewer, the excitement grew!!! Every morning last week I had a student ask if it was Friday yet! I had to remind him how many more days we had. I loved how excited they were!
Thursday when he came in he knew that there was only one more day. We did our usual morning routine and then halfway through the morning he came up and told me he had a secret. This is not unusual for him because he usually has a secret hug or a secret to tell me how much he loves me. This time the secret was a little different.
He asked if I could wear my cowboy boots to the pumpkin patch field trip.
He has a favorite pair of cowboy boots that are Buzz and Woody. They also have "Andy" written on the bottom of one of the shoes!
I thought for a second (mainly thinking if it would match my outfit already planned) and then answered by telling him I would try!
So not to disappoint my kinder I wore my boots Friday morning. Of course he came in wearing his boots (and his handcuffs)!
We had to take a matching picture!
Our field trip was great as always. My sister joined us this year so we had a great photographer!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sesame Street meets Glee!

My sister shared this with me today. 
Thank you Sesame Street for clearing up the correct way to make the G sound!
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