Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first days of school

We have had three first days of school.  A third of my class has come for the past three days.  All of my new kinder friends come to school tomorrow!  The past three days have been great.  Tuesday I received lots of hugs from the moment my kinders walked in the door and even a few surprise kisses on the hand.  Today I walked in my classroom to be greeted by a kinder with a rose for his new teacher.  My heart melted.  These kinders have me ruined already! 
Yesterday as I put one of my kinders in the car he told his mom as they pulled away, "Mom, I love my new school."  That is what every Kindergarten teacher wants their students to say after their first day of school. 
One of my favorite things we did the past three days is taking pictures in front of this...
some of my favorite responses were...
a rock star!
a daddy!
a teacher!
and a princess!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

around my room 2012 edition

Setting up my classroom, making new posters and crafts, and getting new pens and markers makes me so excited for the year to start.  I have spent many hours working in my classroom the past week.  I think it is important to love my classroom since it is really my home away from home.  I want my classroom to be fun and inviting.  I hope that is what I have achieved for this school year. 

I rearranged my reading center.  I feel that it has opened up this space.  I hope it gives more room to spread out and read!

I have decied to use some of the rules procedures this year.  I found these rules on pinterest from!  Check out her blog she has some great ideas.

My boyfriend told me he was making something for my classroom.  I couldn't figure out what it was at all.  I was so excited to find out that it was a book bag tree.  He made it himself!  I am so proud to display it in my classroom. 

I bought these curtains at Ikea to help hide some things that might be a distraction to my kinders and it makes me look more organized!

I had these last year, but I added some more pom poms!  I am a little addicted to them!  Not allowing myself to make more right now though!

Each year we have a new school theme.  Our school voted this year "Wild about Learning."  In kindergarten we decided to put our own little twist on it and decided to use monsters.  I love how cute and fun they are!

This is the board outside of my classroom.  I found my inspiration from pinterest!

My assistant painted our back door with chalkboard paint at the beginning of the week.  I am excited for my kinders to be able to write and draw on the door during center time. 
The next three days will be staggered days.  We have a third of our kinders.  I plan to take their picture in front of the door and share the picture with their parents.
Here we go!  Let's get the wild year started!!!
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Summer 2012

I'm back...again!  Here's to hoping I will do a better job about blogging this school year!
I had a great summer.  I taught a summer program at my school to incoming Kinders the two weeks after school was out so my summer didn't really start until July.  I had about a week and then I went to Liberia, Africa for 9 days.  It was the best trip of my life.  I went with 12 other women from my church.  We went to Ricks Institute and had VBS for children from the school and surrounding villages.  We were able to share the love of Jesus to around 280 children!  We also did two day of teacher training for the teachers there at Ricks.  The school serves K-12.  We provided them with ways to integrate reading into their curriculum and some behavior management ideas.  I am ready to go back.  I am praying about when I will get that chance. 

It took me a while to get back adjusted to being home and the time difference!
The week I got back I moved my older sister to Nashville, Tennessee.  She is working as a school counselor in the area.  I am sad that is she not 45 minutes away anymore. 
The next week I enjoyed a week with my twin at the beach and then I had to help her move to a new town about an hour away. All these changes have been hard, but I am excited for both of their new beginnings!
My boyfriend worked in Wyoming for the summer so I was a very happy ecstatic girl to pick him up from the airport and have the last three weeks of summer with him.
I have read several great books this summer and enjoyed lots of afternoons by my aunt’s pool.
As much as I am sad to see the summer over, now that tomorrow is the first day of school...I'm ready! So excited about starting this school year!
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