Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first days of school

We have had three first days of school.  A third of my class has come for the past three days.  All of my new kinder friends come to school tomorrow!  The past three days have been great.  Tuesday I received lots of hugs from the moment my kinders walked in the door and even a few surprise kisses on the hand.  Today I walked in my classroom to be greeted by a kinder with a rose for his new teacher.  My heart melted.  These kinders have me ruined already! 
Yesterday as I put one of my kinders in the car he told his mom as they pulled away, "Mom, I love my new school."  That is what every Kindergarten teacher wants their students to say after their first day of school. 
One of my favorite things we did the past three days is taking pictures in front of this...
some of my favorite responses were...
a rock star!
a daddy!
a teacher!
and a princess!

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