Thursday, March 17, 2011

can't believe my eyes!

One of my favorite questions that has been asked this year by one of my kinder friends, "Do you have a reason why leprechauns like to play tricks on St. John Patrick's Day?"  Well, that is a hard one to answer.  First I enjoyed a little giggle about St. John Patrick.  Not really sure who that is.  Never heard about him before!!!  I had a hard time coming up with some reasons.  The only way I can explain is that leprechauns like to be tricky and sneaky.  And that they were today!!!!!!
We had some great traps set up around our room, but they were not good enough for those little guys!  We were all a little bummed about that! 

LOVE the spelling!

Those leprechauns made SUCH a mess!!!!  Took the green squares off our magic rug and threw them around the room, turned over chairs, books were everywhere, chairs turned over and on top of the tables, lucky charms were on the tables, gold pieces thrown around, little feet prints on desks and the floor, and green bead necklaces for everyone.  One trap had an alarm on it, and we thought we had caught the leprechaun because as we were walking to our room, we heard it going off.  We just knew we had it, but when we got in the classroom, he was not in there! 

(little shoe stuck in the window as he was trying to escape!)

As we walked in everyone was in shock!  One kinder friend said, "Ms. Brown, I just can't even believe my eyes!"  She didn't move.  She just stood there in shock. 
I enjoyed watching their excitement.  My favorite though was a girl just leaning on one of the tables eating the lucky charms that the leprechaun left on the table!  She didn't care about anything else going on around her except for the cereal! 
After a little more work we enjoyed a wonderful St. Patrick's Day snack!  Rainbow cupcakes!  I let them ice their own cupcakes.  I like to let them participate a little in their snack time.  They were very yummy.  We also had some leprechaun juice! 

(fun recipe from!  i love getting their magazine.  such great ideas!)

So much excitement for one day!  
One more picture....this is the note the leprechaun left

This is one of my favorite things about St. Patrick's Day....ENJOY!

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