Thursday, March 3, 2011

hat day!

This has been an exciting week that has worn me out, but it has been totally worth it!  We are all having a blast!
We had a early dismissal today so I had a lot to cram into Hat Day today!
We read The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.  Another book that I had never read and it was really long but my students seemed to really like it! 
All but 2 wore hats today!  I love that most of their hats are bigger than their heads!  They all looked so cute in their hats.  I was hoping that someone would wear a Justin Beieber hat.  They didn't fail me.  My student who has been faithful to JB from the beginning sported her JB hat and matching shirt.  Too cute!!!!

I have been trying to go with the whole Dr. Seuss thing in my apparel this week. 

We did not have extra time today to do special Dr. Seuss activities, but we did color and design a hat as if we were Dr. Seuss.  We also did some rhyming.  I love to listen to their thought process as they think about what words rhyme. 

So thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Tomorrow is Green Day.  I am excited about cooking green eggs tomorrow with my kinder friends!

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  1. Hey I recognize this hat from somewhere!!!


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