Monday, March 21, 2011

brownie points!

I am a believer in positive reinforcement.  I always try to find something positive in people, and I try really hard to be positive in my classroom.  Sometimes it can be difficult, but I have found in many situations, being positive works much better than being negative!!! 
In January I decided to start using a class wide positive behavior management idea that I found here.  It has been a great way to keep my whole class accountable for their behavior and actions.  Every time we get a compliment by anyone at school, such as we get a good report from special pull out classes, or everyone in class is on task, we add a brownie to our brownie pan. 
(I like that brownie points go with my last name too!)
When we fill up our brownie pan, which we just did on Friday, we get a class reward. 
I came up with some simple and inexpensive rewards that I knew my students would enjoy.  Some ideas are: lunch with the principal, lunch with the assistant principal, special snack, no homework, extra recess, popcorn party, suckers, bubble gum, hat day, and afternoon movie.  Each reward is on a slip of paper in a mystery envelope.  I let one child pull a slip out, and that is the class reward. 

They never forget to put up a brownie!  They also never forget about their reward!!!! 
That is what happened today!
...I spent the weekend with 10 high school girls and my youth group at our D-Now weekend retreat.  There was lots of fun and LITTLE sleep! 

I love hanging out with these girls.  They are so fun and make me want to be back in high school (well...just a little). 

...So since Sunday was full of catching up on sleep and trying to work on lesson plans, I totally forgot about their special snack they had won on Friday!  It was one of the first things they asked about first thing this morning.  Luckily I was able to run to the store and grab some popsicles. 

Today they got 3 brownies!!!!  I am so proud of my wonderful class (which is now 24 as of today)!!!!

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  1. What a fun idea Laura! My school has "compliment cards" that classes earn for good hallway behavior, behavior in specials, lunch, etc. Other teachers give us "compliments" and we earn eagles (our school's mascot) that are different colors. When we earn eagles we celebrate as a class! My kids love hat day, extra recess, lunch in the classroom with a movie, and when it's warm popsicles!


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