Thursday, March 24, 2011

date night

Student: "I had good time last night, Ms. Brown."
Me: "What did you do?"
(I had forgotten that she did tell me the day before!)
Student: "I went on a date with Justin Bieber!!!"
Me: "Oh I forgot about that!  What did you two do?"
Student: "We went out to eat at McDonalds."
Me: "Did he pay for your meal?  The guy is supposed to!"
Student: "Yes...he paid."Me: "Good!  What happened after dinner?"
Student: "He took me shopping and bought me some new clothes."

A little later through the day...

Student: "Justin Bieber is at my house."
Me: "Why is he at your house?"
Student: "He is waiting on me to get home from school."

A little jealous of her night!

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