Friday, March 4, 2011

i do so like green eggs!

Last day of our Dr. Seuss celebration week!  I had one parent come in this morning and tell me that they have had so much fun this week!  I love to hear that! 
Today was Green Day.  We read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss! 
And what kind of green day is complete without trying green eggs?!?!?

I scrambled the eggs and divided them into 23 little cups.  While I was passing out the cups of green eggs, I had one student tell me not to give her a cup because she was not going to try it!  I begged a little and told her she should just take one little bite!  So I counted to 3, and we all tasted them at the same time.  I think it surprised so many of them that they actually LIKED green eggs!  3 students did not try the eggs.  1 student told me, "Ms. Brown, if I eat these green eggs, I will throw up!"  I did not force her!!!  They begged me for more!  I only had enough for everyone to have a little taste.  I had a couple more eggs and told them after lunch we could maybe have some more. 
Each student made a green egg with construction paper.  Then we used the eggs while we made our graph.  We made a graph with the question
Do you like green eggs?
Friday is an exciting day because we have Fun Friday snacks at the end of the day.  Today I provided the snack.  We ate yummy sugar cookies and each child got to ice his own cookie with green icing and then put green sprinkles on his cookie.  And since they begged for more eggs I scrambled more eggs! 
I know you are thinking the same thing as I was...sugar cookies and green eggs go really good together!  They didn't seem to mind. 

My door has been decorated for Dr. Seuss the past two weeks and I have forgotten to share!
We read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and had a discussion on opposites. 

(Dry, Wet)
I found this idea on The First Grade Parade blog and had to use it myself! 

A little sad that this week is over.  It was a fun and exciting week.  We read lots of great Dr. Seuss books and some other Beginner Books that my kinders brought to share.  I know that I will treasure this week forever, and I hope my kinders will also.  

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