Wednesday, April 13, 2011

gotta keep reading!

Happy last week of school before Spring Break!  I am so super excited about a week off!  I do not have too much planned but I am excited about having some time off and enjoying some time to myself. 
Every year my school has a "Book Character Day."  Since my Aunt worked at the same school a couple of years ago I had heard about this special day and so I knew how this day was such a big deal to our school!  I have been reminding my students about it for over a month and we have been deciding what each student can come dressed as!  
Our Book Character day is on Friday.  I am getting so excited about it. 
Our music teacher has also been planning something special with the whole school.  If you have not heard or watched this song and mob dance you must check it out! 

The students have been practicing in music and in our class almost every day!  We are so pumped about being able to dance in our costumes with our favorite books on Friday. 

Gotta Keep Readin’
Cause this book’s gonna be a good good book
to read
ooooooooo hooooooo

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