Thursday, April 21, 2011

sb '11

Spring Break 2011 has been great!  It has been a quiet week.  I have really enjoyed hanging around my little town.
I enjoyed babysitting my "niece!"  She is just the cutest thing EVER!!!  She loves her Aunt La La!

I enjoyed 2 nights of slumber parties with some girls from my bible study!  I loved being silly with them and having much needed girl time!

I shopped and found some super cute spring things!

I cleaned my room and replaced all my winter clothes with my spring and summer stuff.  I love getting out all my summer stuff because I always forget what I have! 

I got and HIGHLY enjoyed a pedicure!  I am loving the color I picked too!!!  I must buy some ASAP!
I also enjoyed catching up on some movies and TV shows.

I had good intentions of working on school stuff, but I found too many other things to take up my time doing!  I have done a little bit, but I got sad when I realized that I only have 33 more school days with them. 

This week was much needed, but I have really missed my kinders!  They have been on my mind a lot.  I have been wondering what they have been up to for the past 6 days.  I hope they have enjoyed their time off and ready to come back and learn, learn, learn!

.....and last of all I picked up our local newspaper to see my debut!

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