Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back to it!

I was excited about going back to see my kinders this morning.
  We only have about 6 weeks left together and I want to make every day count!  I have treasured this year so much and I plan to treasure our last 6 weeks together even more.  These kinders have captured my heart.

Today was great.
Each child made my heart proud!
They were such busy little students and worked so hard!

I loved watching them come in and smile and catch up with their friends. 
We had lots of eventful things happen over break!  We had 2 girls come in with both of their front teeth missing.  One got her ears pierced.  One turned 6. 
I am telling you BIG things!!!

I received lots of hugs and I didn't mind it one little bit!  I had missed them so much.

During share time I let each child say one thing they did over Spring Break.  My favorite, "I was just lazy."  My kind of Spring Break!

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