Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things we do for the students!

Test week is here! 
I think (and hope) our encouragement helped! 
The sweet 3rd graders brought us thank you notes and cookies on Monday!  What a nice thank you!!!
Tuesday started our tests.  They test for 3 days!  My mentor asked me to dress up like a cheerleader with her.  She has told her students all year that she is their biggest cheerleader.  I dressed up to encourage them as well. 
My students and I went Tuesday morning to cheer them on!
A couple of my kinders made up some cheers for them.  So stinkin' cute!!!!
My favorite, "Go 3rd grade. You are the best. Never give up on your sparkle test!"

Before we left we shared some of our brain sprinkles with them.  As we walked out the door I heard a 3rd grader say that he already felt his brain growing!!! 

This took a lot for me to wear this uniform because I did not go to this high school.  I went to another one in the county so of course we were rivals!  I never thought I would wear something from this high school! 
I did it for the students!!!!! 

I owe a BIG apology to my alma mater!!!

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