Tuesday, May 10, 2011

eog encouragement

The EOG. 
It is our state's end of grade test! 
3rd graders are the first elementary grade to take the test.  I remember taking this and dreading it. 
I have never been a good test taker and just get so nervous before any big test.  I do feel bad for these kids.  I feel like there is a lot of pressure that is put on these tests. 
I am so glad I am not teaching a testing grade!!!  If I did I think I would be even more nervous than my students!

My mentor teaches 3rd grade.  I love the attitude and the way she talks about the test with her 3rd graders.

  She calls it the "Sparkle test!"
She tells them this is their time to sparkle and shine.  She doesn't tell them that they are going to have to take a state test or that this sometimes determines if they move to 4th grade.  She stays POSITIVE!

The Sparkle test is next week.  All the 3rd and 4th grades have worked SO hard getting ready for this.  I knew I couldn't do something for all the classes because I don't have enough money, but I knew I wanted to do something special for her class.
I had her come up with some good test taking strategies that she has taught her students this year and I have typed them up as reminders leading up to the EOG. 

Each day my Kindergartners are making a special delivery to the 3rd graders to give them some encouragement to really sparkle and shine on their test! 

Yesterday was the first day.  They were nervous but so cute! 
I had one student read their tip and then we passed out treats to each student and gave them big high 5's! 

("Try your best and YOU will blow the test away!!!")

I love that my kinders can be encouraging to the "big kids" and begin to hear about important test strategies.

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