Monday, May 9, 2011

eventful day!

Only 3 more Monday's left in this school year!  AHH!!!  So crazy!  It is hard for me to believe how fast this year has gone.
Today was a very eventful day.  This time in the year there is so much going on.  We are finishing up assessments, EOGs are starting for 3rd and 4th grades, and there is still lots to teach these kinders! 
We are counting down to the last day of school.  You know that I wouldn't have just a plain boring countdown.  What kind of Kindergarten teacher would I be?!?!?
We are having a countdown ABC style!  I am calling them "ABC days!"  Each day is a different letter and to go with the letter is a theme. 

So far we have celebrated....
A- Stuffed Animal Day
(didn't take any pictures)

B- Bubbles Day
(note to self...DO NOT buy Crayola colored bubbles!  They are SUPER messy!!!!!!)

C- Chocolate Day 
Today was Chocolate Day!  They came in first thing this morning talking about it!  I made 5 boxes of chocolate pudding and picked up several table cloths from the Dollar Tree.  We were all set!  I made sure to set some no licking the table, no touching other friends' pudding, no spreading pudding on your face or clothes!  I counted to three and they were allowed to play free!  They laughed and laughed!  It was so cute to listen to their enjoyment!  To make this a little more educational, I made them practice writing their name, letters, and numbers!  I enjoyed watching as they played in the pudding sneaking little licks off their fingers!
As we were cleaning up several students said that this was the best day! 
Chocolate can make any day better!

This also came today in the mail....
We started our Caterpillar/Butterfly unit today!   
When I pulled the jar out of the box and showed what was in it they started asking lots of questions. 
One student asked if this was going to be our class pet!

I am SO amazed by this metamorphosis!
As I was looking up facts about the whole metamorphosis transformation over the weekend, I became very interested and excited to share these cool facts with my kinders.  
If you have never watched is a MUST!  I am so glad that when I was Student Teaching my cooperating teacher ordered these for her class.   
I am going to try to take a picture of the process these little guys every day. 

Day 1

Check back tomorrow for another blog post about what my Kinders are doing to encourage our 3rd grade buddies for their EOG!

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