Tuesday, November 16, 2010

kindergarten building adventures

Today was a first! 
I have had an ear infection and have not been able to hear very well out of my left ear.  As we were sitting in our "pit" area with our students while we went on a virtual field trip to Plymouth, Miss Jordan and myself heard a LOUD thud!  I knew it was really loud because I could hear it with my messed up ear!  I asked her if she heard it too (making sure I was not just hearing things) and she did.  At first we just looked a each other confused for a few seconds then we stared at the back door trying to see if a student was trying to get in the building.  Nothing!  Miss Jordan said she saw some feathers!  I had to find out what it was.  I went to the back door....hesitantly....peeked out the window....and to my eyes saw a poor little bird laying on the ground...helpless! 
It wasn't dead.  In shock...majorly!  But...not dead!
We knew we had to move it before the students went out the door to go home!  I told her I was not touching it.  I told her we just needed to throw it under the tree.  She decided this was something to share with the other teachers.  We all laughed then Mrs. Campbell went to get gloves!  She was determined to save the poor thing!  
Mrs. Campbell gently picked it up, rubbed it, and was just so sweet to the poor thing.  Good thing she put on gloves because he decided to poop on her after being so kind!  I would have probably needed to do something too after flying into a metal door!
As far as we know the guy survived!  Glad the students didn't have to go out to the buses and witness a dead bird!

Maybe he wanted to join our fun in the Kindergarten building!  Everyone does!!! 
Glad we have a kind hearted teacher!!! 
Thanks Mrs. Campbell! 

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