Tuesday, November 16, 2010

eat more!

We have a week left before we are out for a much needed break!  We are counting down the days, and I think my students get more and more excited! 
Thanksgiving is another favorite holiday.  As a little girl I remember always dressing up as an Indian or Native American from paper bags we made at school and then once I got big enough we some how had a Pilgrim outfit that was past down. 
This is a picture of me and my two sisters when I was probably in 1st grade. 
A couple years ago my sisters and I decided that we were going to start dressing up again for Thanksgiving.  So we do!  It is a fun tradition that we look forward to.  Some people think we are really crazy, but it is pretty normal for us.  We rotate what Thanksgiving character we are each year.  This year I am a Pilgrim.  I will post a picture on Thanksgiving because I know you will be dying to see our costumes this year! 

This year I will be carrying the tradition on to my students!!!  Next Monday we will be dressed up like Pilgrims, and Tuesday we will be Native Americans.  We have already come up with names and have been working on our head dresses.  More about this soon!

I have been planning lots of crafts for Thanksgiving to do during center time.  We have been working a couple of days on one of my new favorite crafts!  I used a turkey template from makinglearningfun.com.  My students colored their turkey then wrote "Eat More ______" on a construction paper square and then I stapled it to a popsicle stick and then the sign to the turkey.  I was excited to see how creative they would be!  I was not disappointed!  Some of my favorites....Eat more hot chocolate, eat more corn, eat more pop tarts, eat more pizza, eat more hamburger, eat more cereal. 

9 days till Thanksgiving!!!!

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