Monday, November 8, 2010

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I love that Kindergarten students get to experience a lot of firsts! I love when they start to have loose teeth! They get so excited about growing up!  I had several who already lost some before school started, and last month I had 2 lose a tooth on the same night! When a student loses a tooth, we chart it on our tooth chart, and then sing a Dr. Jean song called "Loose Tooth." It is a cute song that you get to personalize with the student's name who lost the tooth.

Friday I had a student who was so excited about having a loose tooth!!! It was very loose, and he was dying for it to come out. I told him I would pull it out, but he was not going to let that happen. My assistant and I kept on suggesting ways for him to get it out. All day I saw him showing it to another student or playing with it, and he also continually told me it hurt!  A little bit later some of the students who had already lost a tooth started to give him some guidance on how to get the tooth out! If you were interested in how to get a loose tooth is how...kindergarten style!

1. Hold your chin.

2. Get tooth between fingers and wiggle it.

3. Try to pull.

4. Keep trying till it comes out!

Of course this started some major discussion between my kinder friends! I highly enjoyed listening to some of the talk. Some information you may need to know about teeth...
If the tooth stays in your mouth too long it will get rotten....this is wonderful insight from the student who lost her first tooth at the Dollar General!
Another student was real concerned about the directions he heard about how to get the tooth out. Particularly the part about holding your chin! He quickly jumped in and added not to hold your chin because if you do, then all your teeth will fall out!
He was not at school today for us to know if the tooth came out or not!  I am dying to know!!!!!!!

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