Sunday, November 21, 2010

college day

As a part of our new teacher evaluation, we are to encourage and promote the importance of continuing education.  In my classroom I have several things to make my students aware of staying in school.  On the back of one of my doors I have "Oh, the Places You'll Go! Class of 2023" I have put each of their pictures inside a balloon.  They have commented several times about the door with their picture!  I have a mini Appalachian flag inside my class and a sign outside my door that says "A Mountaineer Teaches Here!" 
Last weekend I went back to Boone with my sister and some friends to watch Appalachian beat Wofford!  I knew college day at school was going to be the next week so I was excited to be back at my alma mater before this.  I enjoyed being on campus, eating with friends, seeing girls from my sorority, and cheering on the Mountaineers.  I love it up there! 

My sister and I got to put on Chancellor Peacocks championship rings!!!
We had some extra time before the game and went to the bookstore to see if there were any new good things that I HAD to have!  I was excited to find our mascot, Yosef, and a A to Z children's book all about Appalachian State!!!  I could hardly contain my excitement because it would fit perfectly into my lesson on college day!  To make things even more exciting the author was there and was able to sign my copy!

The middle of last week I introduced my class to Yosef.  Before I told them who he was I got asked a lot of questions about what he was and why was he in our classroom!  My favorite was..."Ms. Brown, who is that old man on your desk?" 

Friday I wore my Appalachian football jersey along with an Appalachian tattoo on my face (wanted to show as much school spirit as I could)!  My students asked questions about it all day!!!  Several of my students wore school shirts or colors.  I told my students a little about what college is and why I went to college.  We read the book and had a nice discuss about Yosef!  The book did a great job covering a lot of different parts of the college experience.  I hope these are positive seeds I am planting not only for continuing their education but for future Appalachian Mountaineers!!!!
Yosef is now a good friend of our class!

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