Tuesday, November 23, 2010

brown tribe

Such excitement in the Brown classroom for the past two days!  We have enjoyed learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans and other Thanksgiving stuff.
I have a poster of Thanksgiving words.  There are several things on the poster that have other names.  We have read and talked about these in books so as we read the word I then ask what it is also known as.  One is a picture of corn.  I asked what it is also known as...wanting the answer maize...not many students raised their hand but one brave student answered...cob.  I had to laugh so hard! 
We enjoyed dancing about every day to The Turkey Wobble by Jill Gallin.  A teacher I worked with last year introduced me to this fun Thanksgiving song.  The students dance and move like a turkey and then have to hide when the farmer comes out!  They loved to take turns being the farmer! 
Growing up my mom sang a song to us every Thanksgiving...Turkey sat on a barn yard fence.  I enjoyed teaching it to my students.  I loved how they put great expressions and movements to the song!
Monday we were Pilgrims.  We made super cute hats and we learned from a book that the Pilgrims' buckles were not gold but bright colors.  I never knew that!!! 

Tuesday we were Native Americans.  We were really excited about this because I made shirts for my students to wear and we came up with different Indian names.  Each shirt had their name on the back.  I drew different symbols on each one.  We made headbands, pouches for the boys, and a papoose with a baby for each girl.  As they came in this morning their faces seriously lit up when they put their shirt on and as they watched one another put on their shirts.  I loved every minute of it!  I also painted their faces.  When they looked at themselves in the mirror they smiled so big!  They were SO stinkin cute!!!!

I tried really hard to call them by their new Indian names today!  I made them call me Pocahontas all day!  Every time they said Ms. Brown I corrected them!!!

We discussed being thankful for what we have.  Our craft of the day we made wreaths but as we did we made a list of things that each of us were thankful for.  A few favorites were...me (more A's on report cards!), the dentist, and turkey! 
We also played Pin the Tail on the Turkey.  They cheered for each child and were so positive and encouraging.  I am so proud!!!
...a little off!!!!

We enjoyed a snack and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving together with the other kindergarten classes. 
I am going to enjoy my 5 days of food, family, and shopping, but I am going to miss my kinder friends!!!  When we go back on Monday hopefully Santa will have made a stop and put a special magical touch in our room (and do away with some of those germs)!!! 

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