Friday, October 1, 2010

pat on the back!

It has really been a great week!  It was Tt week!  We wrote and drew about tigers and turtles.  We ate toast and wore ties.  I love doing fun things with the letter of the week because I feel like they are able to make more of a connection.  We went to see a play put on by the Tarradiddle Players.  The play was If You Take a Mouse to School.  It was so great!  I LOVED watching my students watch the play.  They were so excited and they were on their best behavior!  I also got to see the students from the Kindergarten class I was in from last school year!  I was really excited to see them and the other teachers too!  Some of my former students asked me if I still remembered their names...I told them of course I did!  They were too sweet and so I hope I never forget that class and that year working with those students and the teacher too!!!

I started parent-teacher conferences this week!!!  I was a little worried about them but they have been awesome!!!  I have enjoyed showing off their child's work and bragging and suggesting more things for them to work on at home.  I have also received such great feedback from the parents.  Each one has told me that their child comes home telling them all about what happened at school that day, that they have to play school at home, they pretend they are Ms. Brown or Mrs. Green and that they are always making the initial sound they hear in different things they see at their house.  They have told me they were so glad that they are in our classroom and couldn't ask for a better year!  As one was leaving today I could hear them say they were so glad they were in my class!  YAY!!!  Makes me feel really really good!!! 

Also got a great compliment from the art teacher today!!!  She told me that she really didn't like working with Kindergarten that much at any school or any year but that she loved my class!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Glad my little friends and I are having such a great year!  I don't think I could have asked for a better class this year!!!

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