Thursday, October 21, 2010

toliet paper

Next week for our "orange & black" celebration I have planned some games and fun snacks.  I sent home notes with my students yesterday with what I wanted each student to bring.  I didn't expect for my students to bring them back the next day but they did!  One parent told me at lunch today that her son HAD to go get his stuff last night!!!  He really remembers everything that is said in class!
While I was looking for games and crafts to play next week I saw a mummy wrap game.  I decided that we would give it a try.  I have 5 groups in my class so I figured I will draw a name from each table and they will be the one wrapped up in toilet paper like a mummy. 
I asked 5 students to bring in a roll of toilet paper.  When the first roll came in this morning I first laughed because it was funny to just see a roll of toilet paper come in!  I then asked the student if his mom wondered why I asked for a roll of toilet paper.  He told me he did but then the class started to ask why!  I told them I couldn't tell them until our party.  One student began to guess!  He asked if we were going to go toilet paper someones house!  I laughed a lot and then asked him if he had ever done it.  He said no.  I asked if someone had done it to his house.  He said no.  I asked how he knew about toilet papering someones house and he told me he saw it on TV. 
Glad they are teaching these kinds of things on TV these days!!!!

+ = lots of fun!!!

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