Saturday, October 23, 2010

the best!

I feel so blessed with such a great class.  All of them seem to be enjoying school.  Which makes me one happy teacher.  I think I heard such horror stories of other teachers first year that I have really been thinking how blessed I am to have such a great class.  It is very encouraging to me!  I have a lot of parents come eat with their children at lunch which I love because they get SO excited and it shows how important the school and home relationship is.  I try to really make sure I talk to each parent who comes to lunch.  Sometimes I can't have a long conversation but I try to at least tell them thank you for coming to lunch.  I want the parents to know that I am glad they are coming to eat with their children. 
Thursday there were several parents there so I was making my rounds to each table.  I was talking to one's mom about a pizza party she is wanting to give us when another student came up.  I was trying to talk to the parent but this other little girl wanted to tell me something that seemed important.  So I looked down and she said, "Ms. Brown, you are the best teacher!"  I told her thank you, gave her a hug, and smiled real big!  My attention went back to the mom I was talking to and she looked at me and said, "Ms. Brown, I hear that all the time at home."
Wow!  My heart smiled and I did too.  But isn't that what we all need sometimes just some encouragement.  Its good to hear from someone who doesn't really know me but is putting their child's education in my hands and believes in me!  I am so glad my students are loving school and I have such a rewarding job!!!

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