Sunday, October 3, 2010

bieber fever

Friday we were making toast for Tt week and and while I was working on it I asked the students if they would like to listen to some music.  Throughout the day I have my students get up and dance sometimes to a cd of just a mix of fun up beat music or some Dr. Jean songs.  Well I had my laptop and we had been watching some clips about turtles and tigers so I pulled up my iTunes and decided to play some Justin Bieber!  My students have talked about him before and several wear shirts with him on them and a couple got posters of him at the book fair!!!  When they saw the picture of the album cover they were REALLY excited!  We listened to Baby and  Eenie Meenie and they loved listening and dancing in their seats!  After we had our toast we went out to the playgroup for a little bit.  I was sitting just watching and listening and then heard one of my students singing at the top of her lungs..."baby, baby, baby ohhh
like baby, baby, baby noo like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought youd always be mine mine!" It was awesome!!!

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