Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkin patch field trip

Last week we studied the letter P.  There are a lot of things you can do with the letter P but we had a short week because we had a teacher workday Monday and then Friday we had a field trip planned!  I did a unit study on pumpkins and so I was excited to kill two birds with one stone!  I was able to integrate phonics, social studies, and science all together!!!! 
Our field trip was great!  I had a great group of parents go and help!  I am so excited to have a great group of such supportive parents.  This was my first real field trip!  I had gone on one while I was student teaching but I was not responsible for 21 students!  We ordered Kindergarten rocks shirts and I ordered a bright yellow color which was so smart of me because I could pick out my students anywhere!!!  I felt good about the trip and no one got lost or hurt!   
We went to a pumpkin patch in a neighboring city.  My students were excited about riding the bus first of all!  They did great sitting and behaving!  When we got to the pumpkin patch we were able to play and explore the learning centers they had.  They had a maze, hay bails to climb on and jump off, awesome slides!  I had so much fun playing with my students and watching and laughing with them.  I did everything the students did!  After we had lunch we had a story and learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. 
My sister is a guidance counselor in another county and she was at the same pumpkin patch with a class from her school so I got to see her!  She was also able to meet a couple of my students who I talk about a lot!  When we were getting ready to get on our hayride she was walking with some students and I told one of my girls that the girl walking the other way was my sister.  She didn't believe me and so she told me to call her name.  I yelled real loud my sisters name and we waved real big.  She couldn't believe that I really knew the girl and she was my sister!  She just looked at me shocked! 
Then what they had been waiting on for weeks...the hayride and picking pumpkins!  We rode the hayride around the grounds and sang songs!  We were then able to go in the pumpkin patch and get pumpkins.  I thought it was really neat to see the different sizes and how they grew on the vines.  I was also excited to see the pumpkin flowers....that was something I learned while teaching my students about pumpkins!  We were all a little bummed about not being able to find BIG pumpkins!  Everyone was excited to find their perfect pumpkin and show me! 
Our ride home was fun because almost all of my students fell asleep!  They were sooo cute!  I enjoyed taking pictures of them to include in our slide show at the end of the year!  When we got back to school we enjoyed frozen pumpkin bars I made and popcorn another student brought for show and tell.  The pumpkin bars were a great treat because it was really hot!  They were very easy to make:
1 jar of pumpkin pie mix
1 container of cool whip
Package of graham crackers
Mix pumpkin pie mix and cool whip together and then put scoop on graham cracker and freeze over night.  Keep frozen until ready to eat! 

I wished I could post pictures of my students because they were so cute on the trip!  Here are a couple from the trip without students (at least their faces)!
Story time!


Picking our our pumpkins!  Told you the yellow shirts were great!!!

Pumpkin flower!

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