Sunday, September 19, 2010

g is for...

Each week we study a new letter!  This week it was the letter G!  We made goldfish and wrote sentences about goats, gardens, and a girl.  On Fridays for show and tell the students must bring something that starts with the letter of the week.  Some of them bring stuff that doesn't but its ok!  One girl was smart about it this week...i am guessing she discussed this with her parents first but she brought a teddy bear in and as she was pulling it out of her book bag she said, "Ms. Brown, um I know this is a bear and bear doesn't start with G but I brought it because my granddad gave it to me and granddad starts with G!"  That was some smart thinking through and planning!!!  I also asked my sister to come play her guitar on Friday too!  She subbed for me a couple of weeks ago so my students were excited to see her again too.  She planned to play one song and so I asked her if she wanted to go to the other classes and play for them.  She said she would so I went and asked the other teachers.  One suggested she play in our pit area for all the we had a concert!!  It was really cute!  So Amy thank you so much for being brave and playing your guitar for 80 kindergartners!!!!  You are great!
Next week is Hh!!!

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