Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my new best friend!

Today was the Kindergarten writing assessment.  Since school started we had been working on drawings!  In the past 10 days they have come a LONG way!  I reminded them this morning that they needed to make sure they included all body parts, the setting like trees and sunshine, and a sentence.  The prompt was to write and draw about a friend at school.  It was pretty interesting to see what they came up with.  I was proud of a lot of their work and really proud of them using words in the classroom.  On several papers they wrote words they saw in the classroom like September and Good Morning...they have nothing to do with their friend but at least they are writing words!!!  I thought they were really clever when I saw they were looking at their friends name tags sitting around them to know how to spell their name.  After they finished I called each one up and had them tell me what their sentence was or who their friend was at school.  My favorite was one of my sweet little girls said that her best friend at school was me!!!!!!  I let her go to the prize box...then the rest of the students wanted to put that too!  She is my new best friend and she will be getting an A+!!!!!

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  1. What a neat idea for a new Kindergarten Teacher to do - make her own blog! Oh the stories you will have to write about!! Can't wait to read them. And yes, I personally think that little girl deserves an "A" as well !! And the really sweet thing is - I'd bet anything that she was really telling the absolute TRUTH !!


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