Monday, February 28, 2011

Fox in Socks

Today was silly sock day.  We read this book to go with our theme of the day.
Have you ever read this book out loud? 
It is really hard to do actually.  It is full of tongue twisters!  My kinders thought it was silly!
I was a little sad that more of my students didn't wear silly socks today.  Those who did were super cute. One student glued wiggly eyes all over her socks. Her mom is so creative. I also had a student wear socks around her waist! Two of them were sock puppets and the other two were her mom's smelly socks! I didn't smell them but I hope she just was being silly!

I love Target's dollar spot! 

We colored silly socks and then made a graph with our socks of who wore silly socks and who did not wear silly socks.

We also traced our feet and measured them with cubes.  I had the students also measure 3 other friends' feet. 

The measuring of feet was a little more difficult for them than I thought it would be.  I finally let them help each other trace their feet.  It was a good lesson to introduce measurement and allow each student to do some investigation with measurement. 

Tomorrow is Cat in the Hat day! 
The students are to wear red, black, and white! 

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  1. Awesome! Love all your activities! Where is that sock template from? I can't find a good template that I like for my sock graph!


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