Sunday, February 13, 2011

hip hip hooray!!!

I think the 100th day of school was every thing I expected it to be and more.  My students had a blast.  They worked together and helped each other in groups all day!  I loved walking around and listening to all their little conversations.  Every time I do something or plan something I always want it to work out perfectly...because that is how I see it in my head!  Well, I think one thing I have learned this year being a 1st year teacher is that most everything I do is trial and error!  My assistant might still be hating me from Thursday, but I told her that it is trial and error! 
We got everything done I had planned which I was pretty excited about because I had a lot planned!  I found a lot of great ideas on different blogs.  So glad our 100th day of school was after a lot of other school systems!
 Oriental Trading had these cute crowns that I had the students color as their morning work.  They LOVED coloring with markers.  They knew it was a special treat!

We counted by 10s, put the numbers in order, glued the numbers to our ice cream scoops, and then put the ice cream scoops in order! 
This is why she hated me that day!  I had the students count out 100 fruit loops then put them on a necklace.  It did take a long time!  I really had no clue because I had seen the idea on several different websites and on blogs.  No one mentioned how long it would take!  It was a little messy too but the kids thought it was awesome!  One student told me that the 100th day of school was the best day and better then all the other days because he got to make a fruit loop necklace. 
I think all of them had the fruit loops eaten by the end of the day!  It was too tempting!

In our groups we made a giant pizza with 100 toppings.  I had already cut out all the toppings.  We sorted the toppings, counted, and added up to see that we had 100 in all. 

I also hid 100 Hersey kisses around the room.  On the bottom of each kiss was a number.  I let the students find them throughout the day and then put them on our hundreds chart.  I had to make sure that they knew not to eat them or sneak one in their pocket because we could not eat them till we found ALL 100!  It was not until the very end of the day that we found them all. 

I had sent home the weekend before this paper as a parent involvement.  I told them to fill the numbers with 100 of anything they wanted.  I had some creative ones come in.  I enjoyed watching them share with the class and praise one another's work!

It was a fun day had by all!  Now let the count DOWN begin!

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  1. You are such a fun teacher Laura! That all looks like a blast! In 2nd grade I usually don't do too much for the 100th day except for some math activities but this year's group was REALLY excited about it. So at the last minute I came up with a couple ideas including making 100th day hats with the number 100 on sentence strips and then they had to come up with ways to make 100 and write them on the strip (10x10, 10 dimes, 50+50). They loved it. We also watched a version of Emily's First 100 Days of School on United Streaming and every time it said "And now the 60"s" they said it along. We had a fun day!


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