Monday, February 14, 2011

the fever!

Friday was the premiere of Never Say Never. For those of you who have maybe been under a rock for the past several months, it is Justin Bieber's movie.
So in honor of the premier I thought that it would be perfect to have Justin Bieber day in my classroom.  I have blogged before about my classes' feelings about JB.  So I knew their excitement level would be at an all time high!!!  I told them to wear their JB attire or his favorite color which is purple! 
They came with their shirts, jackets, and necklaces!  I even have one boy who has a shirt (and it is definitely a girl's).   The other weekend a student had a Justin Bieber themed birthday party, and for her birthday she received a cardboard stand up of Justin Bieber.  I had asked her mom if we could borrow him for the day. 
They were freaking out when they saw him!  They couldn't believe it.  They were constantly walking up to him, looking at him, and touching him.
As we continued our normal as we could...I moved Justin because they loved that Justin was watching them work!
While we were taking our phonics test, I had a student tell me that Justin made him smarter. 

My sister came in at lunch and brought her guitar and Justin Bieber stickers for everyone!  They love Miss Amy, and so it was such a great day for them!

I did buy myself a shirt for this special day.  When my students saw it they FREAKED out!  It was sooo funny to see their faces. 
I got to see the movie Saturday afternoon with another Kindergarten teacher.  We really enjoyed the movie.  We both had students from our classes there at the movies too.  That was exciting to see them and enjoy the movie together. 
So the fever is taking over! 

Do you have the fever????


  1. haha I overheard some of my kids the other day saying "Justin Bieber is a beaver." ;)

  2. haha...they talk about him all the time! i had one tell me that he wished that Justin Bieber was his dad! hahahaha

  3. Hey, I am one of your followers from Texas. I really like reading your posts but I love this! Where did you get the cardboard cutout? I would love to do it. Today some of my girls were arguing over which one of them was actually Justin Bieber's Valentine. It finally was settled when one of my other girls said, "You can fight over him all you want but none of you are his Valentine. He's in love with Selena Gomez!"


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