Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fitting it all in

I didn't leave school till 6:00 tonight!  It was a long and very busy day!  We are getting really excited about all the upcoming events in our room!  There is slight bouncing off the included!  I have so much I want to do and so many special events happening at once!  We are finishing up our Penguin unit, celebrating the 100th day of school, and trying to fit Valentine's day into all of the fun too. 

This is what my room looked like this afternoon.....
I was also COVERED!!!  I hope our little craft turns out...I am a little worried....

I found this Valentine craft in my Family Fun magazine.  Here is the link.  This week we are also talking about the letter Yy.  So I felt that this Yarn valentine fit in well!
Here is a little glimpse into what tomorrow is going to be like!

That is right...finally...the 100th day!!!!! 
I am super excited about everything I have planned!
Check back to see the fun that we had!!!

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