Monday, February 28, 2011

not forgotten!

I have been super busy the past couple of weeks.  I have not forgotten my little blog.  I have been taking a lot of pictures and thinking that I will blog about each thing, but I have not made time!  So quick summary of what has been going on in Ms. Brown's class....
We did Mrs. Jump's Penguin unit. My kinders LOVED learning about Penguins!  You should buy the unit for next year.  Lots of great ideas and a great unit that covers so many different subject areas.
We did a science experiment with blubber.  It was really cool to see how the Penguins stay warm.

I made this little guy the same height as an Emperor Penguin.  They are the tallest Penguins.  We each stood beside the Penguin to compare our height with the Penguin.   

Valentine's Day was fun.  We enjoyed fun crafts and graphing with candy!  They love when we get to do "fun" math.

I also pulled a tooth!!!!  It had been loose for weeks!  She finally got enough courage to let me pull it.  I felt honored! 

We had Parent Involvement Night.  Families were invited to come back to school for a fun learning night with their child.  We made ice cream in a bag.  It really was a successful night.  I also thought that it was great because the parents helped their child make the ice cream.  I was able to chat with families and students.  It is fun to see them after school!

Last week we studied the letter Vv.  I brought my violin to school and played a couple of songs.  Everyone was very impressed!  I played in middle school and two years of high school.  I usually pull it out once a year to play for my Kindergarten students.  Every time I play it I am surprised that I can really remember any thing about it because I feel like it was so long ago. the week I have been waiting on all year! 
Dr. Seuss' Birthday

I have lots of fun things planned this week. 
My goal is to blog about each day!
Enjoy celebrating!!!

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