Monday, August 23, 2010

scratch 21...make it 23

Well today was the day....orientation!!!  I was ready to see their faces and meet each student.  I had a lot to do in my room so I went to school on a mission.  I worked for a little bit then....found out I got another student.  I really started to panic because I didn't have enough room for this little kinder!  I didn't have things made and just wasn't prepared!  It was my fault because I knew I would get more!!!!  I frantically made more copies and my assistant made another packet.  I then had to figure out how to move the tables around so more students to fit!  It was a little insane!  I didn't have things put away either so I just started putting things just out of the way or really just out of sight!  I quickly changed clothes but then realized I didn't write their lunch numbers.  I was afraid the whole time of missing something important to give to them!  Thank goodness I walked in LeAnn's room to find her writing their numbers down.  I quickly did it and then it was time...3:00.  I felt very calm and prepared.  I hope I looked and acted that way to all the parents!  They came in slowly which was good.  I had about 2 families at a time in the room.  I was very thankful to have my assistant too!  I couldn't have done it without her!  I was able to introduce myself to the students and chit chat a little and go over a couple of things with the parents.  The kids didn't speak up much!  They were looking all around I think just taking it all in.  I hung some things from my ceiling and they just looked and looked at them.  I had a couple want to start playing.  They seemed nervous and quiet...but I am sure that will change very soon!  One student's mom told me that he was very scared because his big sister had been telling him stories about kindergarten and school like that the 4th graders will put you in the trash cans!  I told him that we didn't have to worry about it because we had our own building just for Kindergarten!!!!  After I had met a couple of families and lady came in and told me she had just registered and that her daughter was going to be in my classroom!  I thought to myself and really wanted to say it out loud that there was NO WAY she was in my class.  I already had one added this morning....there is no way I can have 23....I don't have room for 23 in this small class....she has to be mistaken!!!!  But...nope...she was mine!  I just have to tell myself that she is in my room for a reason! 
I am so excited to get the year started.  I feel really good about what is ahead of me this year!  I know God has great things planned for each child, me, and my assistant!!!
Tomorrow on the to do list is....PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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