Thursday, August 26, 2010

another good day!

I am falling in love with these students!  They are just so fun and FUNNY!  I had 6 again today.  I am starting to think maybe we should do this every week!!!  Its nice!  The group today told me many times that they loved kindergarten!  I told them I did too!  No one cried this morning (not even in the other classes)!!!  I got called "teacher" a lot today.  I thought it was cute but I did keep on correcting name is important. :)  By the end of the day she was remembering Ms. Brown!  I do have more funny stories today!

We were going to lunch today and we had a walk because our building is separate and we have a different route because of some new doors in the main building!  The students were chatting a little and I was listening and laughing!
Student: "I love Kindergarten so much."
Me: "I am so glad that you are beginning to love Kindergarten.  We are going to have such a good year."
Student: "I don't ever want to leave Kindergarten.  I don't even want to go to the high school!"
Me: "I don't think you are going to have to worry about going to high school anytime soon!  You still have a few more years before that!"
I am glad that are learning to love school on the first day of their schooling!  I hope they will always love it!

This was my favorite of the day...
The students were working on a little craft and I started to take some pictures of them working.  I want to make a video for each student at the end of the year.  They were cheesing for me and as I took one girl's picture she asked, "Ms. Brown are you going to put these up on facebook?"  I first laughed a lot and then I said, "No I don't think I can do that.  I don't think your mom and dad will like for me to put them up."  Then others joined in and told me that their mothers were on facebook too!  She then said, "Well, my mom is going to want to see these pictures!"  I told her that she will be able to see them soon. 
I find it really funny how she already knows about facebook.  I am excited that students are learning more about technology.  Oh how I wish I had more technology in my classroom.  I think these students would LOVE a smartboard!  Maybe one day soon!!! 2 went good...I hope day 3 is as good as the other 2!!! 

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