Monday, August 2, 2010

classroom decor inspiration

I had never thought of doing the whole classroom "theme" because I had been given so much stuff from my aunt and from another teacher at the school I did my student teaching who both recently retired! church has a fund raiser every year for missions called the "Parade of Tables."  This year I wanted to do something I could also use in my classroom one day.  So Dr. Seuss became my inspiration!  I decided I was going to focus on The Cat in the Hat.  I started collecting stuff and making stuff and I fell in love with it all. This was the first inspiration....
My uncle is a awesome carpenter and he cut it out of wood for me then I primed it and then painted it.  I painted both sides of it.  He stands a little over 5 feet tall.  I think my students will really LOVE him in our class watching over us!

So my classroom has become very seussical!!! 
I have been excited to find a lot of posters, stickers, signs, and books.  I will be sharing some more pictures and other projects I have been working on soon!

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