Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the night before kindergarten

The night before Kindergarten and all through her mind raced thoughts about what else needs to be done and how she can't wait for the day to come!
Tomorrow is the big day.  I actually have 3 big days.  Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday I will have 7 each.  7 beacuse...i lost 2 students today.  So I didn't have to get so worked up after all!  I am back to 21 now.  I am sure tomorrow I will get another or at least this week! 
I feel like I am ready.  I feel better having some lesson plans done and just knowing a little bit more of what is going to happen this week.  I am sure it will not all get done but I am excited about it!  I thought I would feel more nervous but I don't!  Thank goodness!!!! 
I can't wait to get to know these kiddos better and have fun and teach them so much! 

This was my first day of school I think my 5th grade year.  I really wish I had a jumper like this to wear tomorrow! 
one of the best things about this jumper is that it had the name of my school on the school house.  the second best thing about this jumper is that my teacher had the same one!  i wanted to be a teacher so bad even then!!!

welcome to kindergarten class of 2023!!!

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