Thursday, December 23, 2010

making math fun

I found the perfect size gingerbread men cookies at Ingles last week, and so I had to get and use them!!!  I didn't know how my students would react to eating the gingerbread.  All but one like it and the one who didn't tasted it.
I gave each student a cookie, and once everyone had one we all took 1 bite!  Then they couldn't eat the rest until they graphed the body part they had eaten first.  They did a great job even though the gingerbread man was tempting them to finish eating him!!! 
After the graph and eating was over, I asked the students questions about the math.  I asked why they ate what they ate first.  Their responses were pretty funny! Some responses included...
...wanting him to have a broken leg.
...wanting him to be like the pirate gingerbread men with a peg leg like we read about. be funny.
...not wanting him to see.
...wanting him to run around with no head
Kindergartners didn't know that math could be so fun!

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