Saturday, December 18, 2010

christmas ideas

Christmas is in one week!  I can not believe it!  Every day as we do our calendar time, we get more and more excited! 
We have done some fun activities this week.  We have been reading a lot of good books.  One day a student brought Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause.  We had another student tell some of the others that she didn't believe, and so as we read the book the girl who brought it looked at her pretty much the whole time!  It was a good book.  I even teared up at the end because it was so sweet!!!  We have done TONS of crafts!!!!  They ask every day if we are going to make something new! 
We made stockings with a brown grocery bag and they "sewed" it together.  Santa has been sending stuff everyday with Frosty from his North Pole visit.  They get so excited as they come in and check their stockings!!!

We have made Reindeer...

We have made Santa Stop Here signs...

and we made Gingerbread Man Glyphs...

One of the categories for the glyph was favorite dessert.  They were to color the mouth a certain color depending on the dessert they liked the best.  Ice Cream was red, cake was pink, and something other than those two was purple.  As we were calling these out and asking each child what his favorite dessert was one answered....sausage!!!!  She was SO serious!!!  We couldn't help but laugh.  Never considered sausage a dessert!!! 
We have sung lots of different Christmas songs!  Some we just sing but some we dance and get our wiggles out!  Some of our favorites are...Must Be Santa (along with all the motions), Feliz Navidad, The Chipmunk Song (they love to yell Alvin's name), We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and my favorite one to dance to and quickly becoming theirs too is Oh Santa! by Mariah Carey.  If you have not heard it yet, you must download it!  It such a fun song to dance to!   
My sister and one of our friends came Friday to help us make some Christmas trees, and the best thing about them was we could eat them!!!  I had students bring in the supplies we needed, and they did a great job decorating.  They did an even better job at eating them!!!

yes...this is really how they were eating them!!!

They did look very yummy!  One girl even saved hers to leave out for Santa!

Next week we have 2 days.  Monday is Polar Express day, and Tuesday is Christmas fun stuff all day!  Can't wait!!!

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