Tuesday, December 7, 2010

its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Christmas crafts are very important in my family.  Every year my sisters and I make ornaments to give as gifts to family members and friends.  My parents' tree is FULL of ornaments we have made over the years.  As we were putting ornaments the other week I decided that my students could make several of the ornaments.  I know how special homemade things are to my family so I hope this will be the same with my studentss.  I am going to share several things we make over the next two weeks. 
Monday I had two parent volunteers come help!  It was awesome!  I am so thankful for the parent support I have!  They helped me with two Christmas crafts I had planned!  It was wonderful to have help so I could get a couple of things done! 
1st ornament was a snowman with ear muffs!
       Materials you need - frosted balls, black paint, orange paint, strip of felt, sparkle pom poms, and cups
Another teacher gave me the great idea of setting the ornament ball into a cup so the students don't have to worry about the ball moving around!
We let each student paint two eyes and a dotted mouth with the handle end of the paint brush.  The nose was a little harder for them to paint so we had to help.  It was neat to see the different "expressions" their snowmen turned out to have!  
Today we added the felt head band and two pom poms for the ear muffs.  So super cute!
 Snowmen faces drying!

Ready for a spot on the tree!
Decorating the tree with our new ornaments!

  Each one is different but so special!
Don't know how this snowman feels!!!

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