Saturday, August 27, 2011

around my room 2011-2012 edition

I have a new addiction...pintrest!  I found some great ideas this summer that got me really excited about decorating my classroom.  If you have not checked out pintrest you might want to!  Lots of great recipes, decorating tips, and ideas for everything!

I think it is important for your classroom to be comfortable and inviting.  I mean we spend so much time in there.  Even as a teacher I am in my classroom a lot more than my room at home!  I want it to be a place that I love!  I am beginning to feel that way about my room this year. 

First thing I found that I wanted to make were banners hanging down from the ceiling.  I went to a local fabric store and found cute Dr. Seuss fabric to match my room and got to sewing! 
 The cute fabric I chose to use.
 I cut the fabric into triangles and then sewed the two pieces together. 
 I then pinned the triangles into folded bias tape.
Last step was to sew the triangles and bias tape.
Very simple and it did not take me long at all.  These are very popular right now at weddings and showers.  I plan on sewing some more soon!
I also made some tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling as well.

My boyfriend did an excellent job hanging it all up for me! I love the way it all turned out!

As you walk in the door, there is my book shelf.  I have personal favorite books and baskets from Highlights to keep stamps, stickers, and other teacher items in.  I also keep my Homework Folders on this bookshelf because it is right beside the cubbies so that the students don't have to move far when they unpack in the morning.

I have some important times on the wall by the clock because kinders always want to know what time lunch is and what time they go home.  This year I am hoping to help them be able to read a clock better and recognize the times better.

This is our behavior chart.  It is really similar to my behavior chart from last year, but I thought I would add a little more to it after reading this great resource,
It is a great way to be positive and remind students of their choices.  By starting at green it gives every child a chance to do his/her best.  Read the eBook.  You will not be disappointed!

I love the tennis balls on my chairs.  I regret not having them last year.  Such a wonderful investment!!

This is my teacher table.  I am going to use this table for centers, intervention time, and just a place for me to work.  I enjoy having this big space.  I bought the basket at Target.  It was for picnics but I thought it was a perfect size for notepads, pens, and markers. 

Now my favorite space in my room....
(You can see part of my magic carpet!  I love it!)

I let my students read in my rocking chair or in the bathtub, but only one at a time.  My favorite teacher, who inspired me to be a teacher, had a bathtub in her classroom.  I had to have one myself.  My parents bought it for me from Craig's List and I painted it.  The students are always in awe of it!

So here is my updated room!  I am excited about all that is in store for this school year!
Let's Go!!!

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  1. Love love LOVE the changes you have made to your room!!! It makes me want to be a Kindergartner (in your class of course)!

  2. What a cute room! I use a clip chart too and it's the best! It's so easy to maintain and works! I knew you would make some cute pennants, how fun!


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