Monday, July 11, 2011

dead dog

Last school year I spent money on decorations for my classroom and other items I needed that first year.  This year I am thinking of practical things that I wasn't able to initially purchase last year for my classroom.  I am trying not to spend too much money because now I have a car payment! 
For some time now I have been wanting to purchase tennis balls.  The school had little protectors on the bottom of the chairs.  They never would stay on the chairs so there were a lot of chairs sliding, and the noise started to drive me crazy!
I have been looking on ebay and didn't realize how much tennis balls cost!  I think it is a good investment because they will last a long time on my chairs.  I ended up ordering some from Walmart.

Friday when I walked outside to go to lunch with a friend I saw this....
....little chewed up pieces of a box.
I was not happy.
I began to look around for the box and a dog to kill, but couldn't find either!
I found some of the cans of tennis balls around the yard that were chewed up. 
At this time I really thought my dog was going to be dead! 
Luckily my Dad found the box and no tennis balls were damaged.

No dog was injured either!!!

How could I not forgive this sweet girl!

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  1. Our math coach and one of our TA's did a make and take workshop a couple of months back. They used tennis balls to write numbers on (0-20) for the kids to put in order, add, subtract etc. They called local places with tennis courts (ex. colleges) and asked for donations of any they were not using. Many times they throw the old ones away that do not bounce anymore. You may want to call around and check into that. Good luck :)


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