Sunday, January 30, 2011

taking care of business

I got a new student the other week.  I am sure you have all felt the same way about new students.  The first few days your mind is mean to you and you begin to think the worst!  I have said it before and I will probably say it about 50 more times before the year is over just because it is the truth....I have the best class!  They love to learn, they love anything we do, and they love me! 
My new kinder fits right in!  He is a great student and has the best manners!  He is kind to everyone and is so smart!  I am so lucky to have 23 great kinder friends in my class now! 
The other day there were some boys in the bathroom being loud and so another assistant went to check things out because they know the rules about the bathrooms!  When she went in she found two boys in the same stall!  One of the boys was my new student, "A," and the other student was from another class.  So of course she began questioning their business.  The boys explained to her that they went to preschool together and that they had reconnected!  They were excited to be friends again.  That didn't really answer her question though!  So she asked why they had been in the same bathroom stall!  "A" told her that he was going in the stall to use the bathroom that his preschool friend had just come out of and noticed there was some pee on the seat!  "A" was not going to use the bathroom with that all over it so he had his friend come back to clean up his mess!  "A" apparently didn't think his friend would do it or meet his cleaning standards so he felt the need to stand in there and watch to make sure it was done properly! 
I love the fact that he was just trying to make sure things were neat and clean.  He knew he didn't do any thing wrong!

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