Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is day 3 of my snowcation!  I have actually enjoyed this vacation a lot!  There has been a lot of movie watching, book reading, cleaning and organizing, and of course sledding, playing games, and eating!  I feel very fortunate to live so close to my aunt and uncle.  They have been the ones to do all the cooking!  We have had our traditional snow meal which is pintos and cornbread, bbq, and grilled shrimp.  They also fixed very yummy snow cream!  Yesterday we all played a game of Monopoly for about 5 hours!!!  Don't think I have ever played a game that lasted so long. 

she has mastered snow ball catching!
my mom wanted a picture of me sledding...this is how it turned out!

During this snowcation I have really been thinking about my little kinders (and missing them)!  I think about how excited I know they have been to stay home and play in the snow for three whole days!  I can picture their sweet little faces sledding and eating snow cream!  I am sure they are having a blast.  I am also thinking that it is day 3...they are probably driving their parents crazy and going a little crazy themselves!  I sure hope they have enjoyed sleeping in and having no homework to do!  (because they always act like homework is such a big deal)   I am also hoping they have read a book or two (or at least looked at one)!!! 
It was just announced that tomorrow will be day 4!  Oh well!  I guess I will go to school and get some stuff done!!!
I did have good lesson plans for this week!!! 

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