Tuesday, January 18, 2011

arranged marriage

After 10 days at home the kinders finally came back to school!  I was so happy to see them!  Most of them seemed happy to see me too!  Had a few frowns and tears, but they didn't last long!  As my kinders came in the classroom they told me what they had gotten for Christmas.  I just listened and laughed to myself because they were thinking we hadn't seen each other since Christmas break.  I felt the same way after not having school for a whole week because of the snow and ice!

Today as I was demonstrating how to correctly draw a person on the board, my students complimented me on how good I drew and then continued to suggest things I should add to my picture.  I took their suggestions and drew a necklace, and a watch, colored my dress my favorite color, and then it was suggested I draw a ring.  As I was drawing a simple plain ring, a conversation that I was not expecting started...
Student A: Ms. Brown, I want you to get married.
Me:  Well, I do too, but I have to have a boy to marry first.  I also have some requirements!  (I quickly decided to add this in because I didn't want my students to tell me they wanted to marry me.  Some parents have told me that their little boys have crushes on me.  Cute...but don't want to be encouraging this!)  The boy has to be 25 or older!!!
Student A: Can I be your flower girl?
Me: Of course you can!  I will let everyone come to my wedding but it is not going to be happening any time soon!
So I finish my drawing and give instructions for their assignment.  I thought the conversation was over....apparently their minds were still processing this little side conversation we had just gotten distracted on. 
Student B: Ms. Brown, what about my dad.  He is 30!
Me: (thinking...oh crap...what are they going to go home saying tonight....) I can't marry your dad because he is already married to your mom! 

As the students worked, they are talking to one another about the girls/boys of their dreams!!!!
...so I will dream too!

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