Monday, January 31, 2011

Cats, Cats, Cats

Last week in Phonics we talked about the letter C.  I get excited when there are lots of different activities that start with the letter of the week we are studying.  I have a bulletin board in my room with the letter of the week and pictures that start with that letter.  Each day we discuss the pictures and it helps the students to hear the beginning sound that we are learning.
Our Principal at my school is great!  She is very supportive and used to be a Kindergarten teacher herself!  She loves cats.  I don't really feel the same way as she does!  Sorry to all you cat lovers!!!  The only pets I had growing up were fish and we always killed them!  My family got a dog when I was finishing college and that was a huge thing for us!!!  My feelings have changed a little bit now that I have a dog, but it has not really changed my feelings about cats!  Sorry!!!  
The Kindergarten teachers decided we would write a little book about cats for our principal and give it to her to treasure forever!!!  We read several books about cats, and then I shared with the class we were going to make a book for our principal because she loves cats!  They were sooo excited!  They could not wait to give it to her!  They came up with such funny things about cats.  (I also think they were still thinking about our marriage discussion the other day.)  They kept on talking about their cats being in love and having babies and kissing!  I promise I am not teaching them these things!!!!! 
We put our book together and called our principal down to our room so we could present her with our special book.  She LOVED it!!!  The students were so excited to give her their work.  They told her that she could leave it in her office for other students, teachers, and principals from other schools to read.
I wanted to share some of my favorite sample pages from the book.  If you want to read the whole book, make a trip down to our wonderful school!!!  We would love for you to read it!

(Kissing cats!)

(The cat is getting married.)

(The cat is sleepy.)

(The cat has a boy friend.)

(The cat is having kittens.)

When I went in the office this afternoon, it was out for everyone to see!  It made me one happy and proud Kindergarten teacher!

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